Of course, every person, when renting a car, wants to save as much money as possible. The most optimal option in this case is the selection of a more advantageous offer from the existing ones on the market. To do this, you need to know some of the secrets below.

System of promotions and discounts when renting a car

Promotions help to significantly save on car rental. However, companies do not tell their customers about all promotions and discounts. To do this, you will have to independently study the information, most often it can be found on the Internet. In addition, a large number of companies accept coupons or promotional codes. You can also try to find them on the Internet. However, on the website of the DRC car rental company, you will always find the best deal on the market, even without discount coupons.

Early booking

It is recommended to book a car one week or more before the intended trip. On peak days, especially during summer vacations, inexpensive cars run out quite quickly. Moreover, without pre-ordering, renting is significantly more expensive, and the choice of available cars is greatly reduced. That is why we recommend booking your car online in advance on our website.

Small car rental with automatic transmission

The smaller the car, the cheaper it will be to rent. There are situations when, in the absence of the declared car, a more functional model will be issued, but at the same price. With active booking, rental stations cannot refuse their customers a car rental service. Among other things, a small car will help to significantly save on fuel, because its consumption is much lower.

Long term car rental

If you plan to use your rental car for a long time, it is better to book it right away for the entire required period than to constantly renew the rental. After all, the rental price primarily depends on the rental period – the longer the rental period, the lower the price. Often the cost of renting a car for a month can be more than 2 times lower than a daily car rental.

Checking hidden payments and imposed services

You should not relax if you have picked up a car for rent at an attractive price. The company most likely assumes additional fees and hidden fees. Among the main types of imposed services are the following:

  • extended insurance. The car is rented most often with standard insurance, which does not cover all car costs if necessary in an emergency. Full insurance will require a surcharge. Alternatively, you can consider getting insurance from third party companies.
  • place of return of the car. Additional charges may apply if the vehicle is returned to a different company location. You should immediately ask a specialist about this when you rent a car.
  • optional equipment. Navigator, child seat, roof mounts for transporting certain items, all of which are charged extra.
  • second driver. A certain amount is paid for it.